Put the suitable word or words from the box in to the blanks below:

Amy : Mum, I’m hungry.

Mother: Do you want a Mediterranean Omelette?

Amy : Yes, and I want to learn how to make it.

Mother : Alright. Come on then – Let’s make one together.

Amy : Thanks , mum ! OK. I need ________ eggs, but ___________ do I need ?

Mother : Two . You also need a small onion, a small green pepper, a large tomato and butter, but there isn’t _________ butter in the refrigerator.

Amy : ___________ butter ?

Mother : About 25 grams.

Amy : Do I need ________ salt and pepper ?

Mother : Yes, you do .

Amy : Do I need _________ flour ?

Mother: No, you need _________ flour. We need _________ vegetables. We have _________ onions , _________ green peppers. There are __________ tomatoes but there aren’t __________ mushrooms. OK. It’s not problem.

Amy : Shall I cut them into pieces to help you , mum ?

Mother : Yes, thank you . Put __________ butter into the frying pan.

Amy : Do I put the vegetables in the frying pan now ?

Mother : Yes, fry them for about three minutes. OK. Break the eggs into a bowl. Add _________ salt and pepper. Good... now beat them well.... like that . Right. I think the vegetables are ready now, so add the eggs to the frying pan. It’s ready in __________ minutes.

Amy : Is it ready ?

Mother : Not yet. Turn the omelette over. Have we got _________ bread ?

Amy : No, there is _________ bread. Can I buy __________ ?

Mother : OK. Serve it with bread. It’s delicious.

Amy : I want to drink _________ coke with it . Unfortunatelly, we have _________ coke left. I’ll buy two cans of it.

Mother : It looks delicious and attractive.


Choose the best underlined word from each sentence :

I haven’t got much / many money today.
I’ve got a few / a little fruit and a lot of / many vegetables .
They don’t seem to have much / many free time these days.
He has only read a few / a little chapters of that new book, but he likes it.
A : Does he show much / many interest in sports ?
B : Yes, a lot / a lot of .
There aren’t many / much huge buildings and traffic problems in the small cities so there is no / any stress there.

Put some , any , a little , a few or , no into the blanks in the sentences :

  • A : How was your skiing weekend ?

B : Terrible ! There wasn’t _________ snow on the mountains.

  • A : Hurry up ! There is _________ time to waste. The bus will be here soon .

B : I’m really ready.

  • A : What would you like in your coffee ?

B: Just _________ sugar, please.

  • A : There are still _________ tickets left for the concert on Friday night.

B : Great . I’ll go and buy one now.

  • A : I bought _________ great books from the book-fair this afternoon.

B : Really ! Let me see them .