Days Of A Month

Nasreddin Hodja

In Ramazan, a special month for Moslems, the Hodja began it by putting a stone in a cup, to know which day it was. So, every morning he put a stone into the cup without knowing that one of his friends put a handful of stones in it, to play a trick on him.
A few days later a man asked the Hodja: “Hodja Effendi, how many days have passed since we started Ramazan?”,
The Hodja told him to wait for a minute, ran to his cup, counted the stones, came back and said:
“Up to today 45 days of Ramazan have passed.”
“But Hodja”, said the man. “There are only 30 days in a month. How is it possible?”
“Oh, be satisfied with that”, said the Hodja. “If you had counted the stones in the cup you would have seen, that it is the hundredandtwentieth day of Ramazan.”