Active - Passive
Reading excercise
Also, to, either, plus
Comperative Adjectives
Modal Verbs
Causative Verbs


PART A: Write the correct future form (going to / will).

1. This year I _________ (work) much harder.
2. A: There’s someone at the door.
B: Can you get it? I _________ (have) a shower.

3. A: There’s someone at the door.
B: OK. I _________ (go).
4. A: What’s that new building near the theatre?
B: It _________ (be) a new shopping mall.
5. A: Why are you polishing your car?
B: We _________ (sell) it.
6. A: Hello. Is Jennifer there?
B: Just a minute. I _________ (get) her.

7. A: Hello. Is Jennifer there?
B: Can she call you back? We_________ (just have) lunch.

8. A: We need this report by this afternoon and I haven’t got time to do it.
B: OK. I_________ (do) it.

PART B: Choose the correct form of the verb.

1. A: Why are you working hard these days?
B: Because I’ll buy / I’m going to buy a house,
so I‘m saving as much as I can.
2. A: What will you buy / are you going to buy Mary for her birthday.
B: A CD.
A: She hasn’t got a CD player.
B: Oh. I’ll buy / I’m going to buy her a book then.
3. A: Dad, can you fix this for me?
B: I can’t, sorry. Ask Mum. She’ll do / She’s going to do it for you.
4. A: Why have you got so many eggs?
B: Because I’ll make / I’m going to make an omelette.
5. A: What will you do / are you going to do today?
B: It’s John’s birthday, so I’ll make / am going to make him a cake.
6. A: I have an appointment with the bank manager this afternoon.
B: Why will you see / are you going to see him?
A: Because my husband and I will start / are going to start
our own business. And we need some money.
7. A: I haven’t got enough money to get home.
B: I’ll lend / I’m going to lend you some, if you like. How much do you want?
A: Three pounds is enough. I’ll give / I’m going to give it back tomorrow.


1. am going to work
2. am going to have
3. ‘ll go
4. is going to be
5. are going to sell
6. ‘ll get
7. are just going to have
8. ‘ll do

1. I’m going to buy
2. are you going to buy, I’ll buy
3. She’ll do
4. I’m going to make
5. are you going to do, I’m going to make
6. are you going to see, are going to start
7. I’ll lend, I’ll give.